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Nature Club

Nature Club


The need for a team of young minds to work for nature conservation always shimmered in and around the campus. Inspired and aspired by the changes seen from people organizing their own communities worldwide, to combat flora and fauna a desire to save the deteriorating Earth emanated among the students. The first man ever towards bringing into light a community in the KCT campus initiated during the fall of 2008. A group of dedicated volunteers from all the years, joined hands for our mission, ‘Nurture the Mother Earth and practice a greener life-style’. With the chain of like-minded volunteers increasing, Environment and ecology are invaluable gifts of nature to man. Hence it is essential to create awareness among students and public on nature conservation. The club enlists student participation in maintaining a clean and healthy campus by planting more trees, holding seminars on topics related to current environmental problems and to conduct study tours to eco- tourism centres.


The major programmes included in this academic year are :

  1. 1. Environmental awareness programme within the campus and in the locality.
  2. 2. Competitions like quiz, slogan writing, poster making as a part of ‘soil conservation year 2015’ were conducted.
  3. 3. Environment cleanliness programmes.
  4. 4. Nature camps.