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Eco Club

Eco Club


Eco Club focuses on spreading awareness about recycling, reusing, and reducing. Polythene bags have to be shunned and paper bags have to become the norm to save the planet. We know that we are a part of Environment we live in and the solution to many environmental problems lie in our attitude towards environment. The best way to attempt to bring about a change in the attitudes in the society is through Students. They are the single most important influence in any family.

  1. 1. To spread awareness about environmental pollution and to reduce pollution in the College campus
  2. 2. To use different media such as short films, audio, visual and print, advertisements, hoarding, posters, seminars, workshops, competitions, meetings etc. for spreading messages concerning environment and awareness
  3. 3. To prepare and organize students’ participation for preservation and conservation of environment
  4. 4. To make Students understand environment and environmental problems. 
  5. 5. To provide environmental education opportunities for College Students. 
  6. 6. To utilise the unique position of College Students as conduits for awareness of the society at large. 
  7. 7. To facilitate Students’s participation in decision making in areas related to environment and development. 
  8. 8. To bring Students in to direct contact with the environmental problems facing the society they live in and make them think of solutions. 
  9. 9. To involve Students in action based programmes related to environment in their surrounding